My Cancer Journey: Update: No Evidence

It has been  4 months since I posted an update.  In the last update I posted 4 questions that people ask me.  People still ask me those same for questions, so I will post new answers to them below.

“Do you still have cancer?”

My Oncologist recently said that I have no clinical evidence of recurrent seminoma. Some would call that remission.  Some would say I am cancer free.  Whatever you call it, it is the answer we were hoping for when we started praying for healing just about a year ago.  Even if I am completely cancer free I still have to go for checkups for the rest of my life. But the prognosis is good.

Yes recurrences happen.  But right now, I am feeling the best I have since I was diagnosed.  I am going to live in the moment, focused on my saviour, enjoying his blessings in my life – most notably my wife and kids.  I am living as if I am cancer free.

“How are you doing?” or “How are you feeling?”

I am doing good and I feel well.  My hair is growing and I have to shave again.  For the most part I have recovered from the chemotherapy.  I still get tired relatively quickly, I have a foggy brain, and have a little bit of neuropathy in my fingers.  All small prices to pay for my life on this earth.

I recently went through some anxiety and depression, but that seems to be mostly taken care of now.  I am feeling good. God is good.


One unexpected side effect of this journey is that build up of fat stores around my waist…haha! I have not exercised in over a year, so starting this Monday, Teresa and I are returning to the gym. Our Family Doctor thinks this will also help with my energy levels and the anxiety/depression.  I am really excited to start exercising again.  Daily Exercise has been an ongoing part of my life for years, ever since I was first diagnosed with depression a few years ago.

Are you getting back to work?

Meagan modelling my company swag


I started my own business. I specialize in Soft Wash for Roofs and Siding, and also provide other services, like pressure washing and window cleaning, as well as home cleaning and janitorial services. After being off work for so long, our savings dried up and I had to do something to make some money!  Thankfully, the Church and family was, and still is, there for us as we do this scary thing called a business start up.  I got a great deal on a trailer from a brother in Christ, for which I am a very grateful.  And roughly 50% of my invoicing has been to church folks and family members.

Thank you all!

“What about school?”

Well, we can’t afford for me to go to school full time anymore. When the bank account dried up, after not working for so long, I had to switch gears. Pre-cancer, going to school and then to seminary was our focus. The defining passion of my life is to serve Christ, and Serving Christ in the church as a minister or missionary was the goal that drove my studies. As you probably know, I was all signed up for full time studies when the news broke that I had cancer…

So not being able to go to full time studies is probably the single most painful thing for me from all of this.

Losing a testicle is a close second…


Where was I?

Oh yeah… School!

I am returning this September to part time studies. Just one language class, but it is a start. I cannot wait.

I recently met with a Professor from the CRTS and reiterated my desire to attend seminary and to serve the Lord in the ministry, however it will be a few years away, if it does happen. In the mean time, I have a calling as a child of God, a husband, a father, and a brother in Christ. My current goals are as follows:

1. Get my business off the ground.
2. Finish my undergrad degree.

And as I said last time, if the business takes off, and I can hire people to run it, so I can attend school, that would be ideal. So if you want to help us achieve the goal of me finishing my undergrad degree, then hire my company!

Anyway. Update complete.

Oh and guys…

Check your nuts.

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