About Me & Contact

Hi There! My name is Ryan Smith (aka One Christian Dad).

Thanks for hanging out with me on this little blog.

What should I tell you about myself?

I am a follower of Jesus.

I am a husband to Teresa (aka One Christian Mom).

I am a father to three beautiful children: Kaitlyn (11), Meagan (7) and Noah (2).



As an undergrad student in third year, I have a desire to pursue the ministry of the gospel (I want to be a pastor). All of our plans were in place to finish school and be at seminary  September of 2018, but the Lord had other plans. Early one morning, in late August 2016, I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer that had spread to my abdomen. In a split second, our entire lives changed. Plans were put on hold. Over the course of my treatment, much of my writing will be focused on our journey through this valley as Christ leads us.

I started this Blog because I wanted to share my faith with you.   I want to share my struggles with you, and show you that you are not alone in  your struggles in the Christian walk.  My goal is to glorify God and perhaps, in some small way touch your heart with the love of Jesus Christ, perhaps you might find something that will give you hope for today…I am just One Christian Dad.

You may notice that the contact form is gone. Since cancer and starting my own small business, life has gotten busy, so I no longer have the time to read all the emails I receive. I have thousands of unread emails and it wont get better anytime soon. A better option may be to contact me via Facebook. But even then I may not get back to you!

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