An Almost Album Review: Dustin Kensrue: Carry the Fire


There were a lot of casualties in the wake of the Driscoll fiasco.

The one that I miss most is the modern Christian music, that was Cavinistic in flavour, that Mars Hill was producing. I especially miss Dustin Kensrue, who resigned from MH prior to the ship sinking. If you have followed me for any length of time, you may know that I have written a couple posts on him and have often posted his music on social media. He wrote a number of solid contemporary Christian songs, even one based on Lords Day One of the Heidelberg Catechism entitled, “My One Comfort.” And the song “Grace Alone” is among my all time favourite modern Christian songs.

So needless to say, I was really looking forward to his latest album, “Carry the Fire.”

It certainly showcases his talent, and there are allusions to his faith. But I would have loved to hear something that points more overtly to God. Overall I was disappointed in the album, not for his musicality, that is still great, but for the fact that there is no overt mention of God, Jesus, Faith etc. In fact, the album comes across as quite dark. If I had to play  psychiatrist, I would say that he was very hurt over the whole Driscoll fiasco.  This album certainly points to the darkness in each of us, he points to our sin and misery, but he doesn’t really show us the light from Christ, that which will redeem us from that darkness.

Artistically I give this album a 4/5.  I enjoy his style and this album does not disappoint, if you like indie or liked the sound of his last album.

Theologically I give this album a 1.5/5 – which makes me sad since his last album was so God centred.

Overall a 6.5/10 (I gave it an extra point just cuz I like him and its not a bad album, just not as Christ centred as I was expecting.)

This is probably my favourite song on the album – but its not a Christian song…

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