Bunches of Questions from Readers

10440816_979358942094857_6127043282066722083_nI like to respond to readers questions, however sometimes I forget to respond to the less “urgent” questions, as life is busy.  Here are some of the questions I neglected to answer so far this summer:

“I can’t find what you wrote.  Sometimes my wife tells me about something you wrote, then when I look for it I can’t find it. Do you have more than one blog? “

Thanks for the question.

The answer is yes, I have more than one blog.  This is my main blog.  I also have a blog about being healthy physically called  The Healthy Christian. I rarely use it, mostly to just check in once in a while with how my health is going, or to post new recipes and exercises I like.

I also have a blog on tumblr which I mainly use to just repost what I write here.  I started it because I was told that all the cool kids use tumblr…guess I am not cool as it is my sadly neglected blog. 🙂

But I assume that your wife is likely talking about the One Christian Dad Facebook page where I post shorter thoughts, bible verses, quotes and personal anecdotes. I typically pre-write my thoughts and schedule them to appear later on in the day or week on the Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/OneChristianDad.

How can someone who has never done family devotions, start doing family devotions?

Pray for courage.

Gather your family together and say, “We are going to start doing family devotions.”

Open the Bible.

Read it.

Tell the kids to stop bickering.

Continue reading.

Ask questions.

Tell the kids to pay attention.

Answer questions.



Repeat daily.

How often do you have family devotions and what do you do?

My philosophy is that we should nourish our souls as often as we nourish our bodies. We have family devotions every time we eat together as a family, at least once per day during the week, and often 2 or 3 times per day on the weekend. We read a passage of scripture and mom or I ask each child questions based on the reading, geared to their age.  Sometimes we will sing, then we go around the table and talk about what we are thankful for and what we need to pray for. Then we close in prayer.

How old are you?


Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

Yes.  It is in Chilliwack.  See…

Sesame Street

Do you know the difference between infralapsarianism and supralapsariansim?


In your “Reformed” tab you mention monergism and synergism. Could you please explain that in easy to understand terms.  

Monergism is the view that God alone effects our salvation. Synergism is the view that God works together with us in effecting salvation.

What is your favourite Bible verse?

Impossible to narrow down to one, here are a few passages that I treasure:

Isaiah 53; Psalm 1; Psalm 16; Psalm 23; Psalm 56; Romans 5:6-11; Romans 8:38-39; 1 Peter 5:6-10; Ephesians 4:32

Do you think Churches should have weekly prayer meetings?

Yes. Prayer is the most important part of the thankfulness that God requires of us, not only individually, but corporately as well.

Are you Dutch?


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