Serving in the Church…With “That Guy.”

Header_Serve-960x200I was speaking with someone recently who was asked to serve in his church in a function he felt that he was not gifted in. After some discussion about gifting and service, he asked me if I would ever want to serve on my Church’s committee of administration, because I am not fond of construction etc… I thought for a minute and my response was, “If I was asked, I would say yes, because it is a good thing to serve in the Church.”

I stand by those words, that I would serve if asked… but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I would probably be a terrible member of any sort of building budget committee. Why? Because I am cheaper than the two Dutchman who invented copper wire by fighting over a penny.

14b9811On the committee I would probably earn the nickname, “That Guy.”

You know, “Ugh, not That Guy again”…that guy who would have to question everything…that guy who would nitpick every silly thing.

I don’t want to be “that guy”…nobody likes “That Guy”.

Not only am I cheap, but I would, in all likelihood, attempt to kibosh all spending on the building and grounds, and try to have all funds re-funnelled to things like poverty alleviation, assisting single parents, widows and orphans, education and literacy, evangelism and missions – because those things are my passion.

The toilets need replacing? Here, use this milk jug… or just pee at home!

Air conditioning needs fixing? Here, take my church bulletin and fold it into a fan…

Heating not working? Wear another layer!

Pews are falling apart? Sit on the floor!

Organ is broken? Use the piano, or sing a capella!

Even at home, I do not see the need for new flooring, new cabinets, or whatever the case maybe, unless it is vital for health or survival. Our bathroom sink is almost rusted through, it is ugly, but hey, it still works! And when it does rust through, I may simply “J.B. Weld” something over the hole, it’s way cheaper than a new sink… we’ll be fine! It’s just cosmetic anyway… (Don’t tell her I said that…)

I think “that guy” may have ruined any chance of my ever being appointed to my congregation’s CofA.


We are all gifted in different ways. We all have different passions.

Some of us are good at administration, others at organizing, others love getting their hands dirty fixing things, others are good at teaching, some are burdened with compassion for the lost or the poverty stricken, others are gifted to speak in the political realm against the social injustices of our day. No one  is good at all these things or passionate about all the same things.

We need each other.


Imagine if the Church was comprised solely of people with your passions, your gifts, your interests, and your outlook on life. That might sound fantastic, but think about it. If everyone was like me, our church building would be falling apart! The library would be expanded and overflowing with books, and the basement fellowship hall would be full of cots for homeless people, but the building would be falling down. Actually, if everyone was like me, we would probably sell the Church building and meet in member’s homes in smaller groups and use the money to call a missionary to preach the gospel on the streets of Chilliwack…but then we have the problem of where do we meet when the missionary gathers more people into the flock?

So it is a good thing you are not all like me.

As redeemed people we get to serve each other with our abilities. So we should look for opportunities to serve in the church using our gifts and passions. Whatever it is you are good at, whatever gifts the Lord has given you, use them. We need you. More than you think. Trust me, you don’t want a bunch of people like me running things without the input of people like you! Use your gifting for God’s glory and for the up building of the church.

If you are asked to serve, please seriously consider it before you say no.  Pray and ask if perhaps this is something you could do to serve in the Church.  I have done some things that I never thought I would be good at – some I wasn’t good at, but some I was. Serve to his glory and the up-building of the Church…even if you end up serving with “That Guy.”

…perhaps you would be a better candidate for the Committee of Administration…

Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who empowers them all in everyone. To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good. 1 Cor. 12:4-7

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