Random Thought about Christian Education


In my time on my kid’s christian school membership committee, I have had people tell me that christian education is a luxury they cannot afford.

I know it is not financially cheap. In fact, I used to say the same thing myself…it’s true. We were going to go the public system.

But then a thought struck me.

If the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, why would I let unbelievers, who hold to a completely different worldview and value system, teach my children? I cannot afford to not make use of “this luxury,” even if it costs me in this life.

Random thought for today…

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  1. Rebecca Toruno says:

    I wholeheartedly agree! I have taught in both the public and private sectors and I will tell you the private Christian education was far better, not just academically, but in preserving the innocence and virtue in my children. Can’t speak about charter schools, but the scarcity of materials during my experience made me come to this conclusion.

  2. I would add that the same thing applies to post-secondary education. Christian higher education can certainly be expensive, but is exceptionally valuable and worth the investment (and financial aid is often quite substantial). It seems to me that many Christian students are sent to public universities with warnings about science and lifestyle, but in reality it’s classes like English, history, sociology, and art that most clearly and intentionally do violence to a Christian worldview. Locally we have Trinity Western, and for a degree education which is Reformed, check out Providence Christian College near Los Angeles.

  3. cecile says:

    For those who are unable to send their children to a Christian school due to cost, there is a lot of support available for home schooling.