Like a Friend From Heaven


So this afternoon after dinner, Meagan, our 6 year old, was driving me bananas with her pent up energy. Bouncing off the walls, climbing furniture, wrestling with her brother, throwing toys, just being, well, being herself actually…

I was so ready to send her to time out for wilful destruction of property and causing a disturbance, or more precisely, for being a 6 year old with no outlet for her energy… but instead I said a little prayer and asked the Lord to help me be patient with her.

At our old home in Chilliwack she had so many friends on the street that we would send her out to play all the time. It was easy for us to burn her energy off before bedtime. But here we had not met any friends for her.

I said to her, “We really need to find you a friend to play with.”

With the enthusiasm that only a 6 year old ball of energy can muster she skipped around the living room, “Let’s go now! I have a friend somewhere!”

So I said, “ok,” thinking we would end up at the playground playing just two of us.

We put on our shoes and jackets, opened the door, and behold, like a gift from heaven, standing about 6 feet from our front door, was a little 5 year old girl holding a skipping rope.

She smiled and waved at us.

I would have loved to have seen the expression on my face.

I looked at her.

I looked at Meagan.

I looked around.

I looked back at the little girl and said, “Hi! This is Meagan.”

She responded, “Hi, my name is …Do you want to play?”

I smiled and said under my breath, “Thank you, Lord.”

I went over and met her parents, and the two girls played for hours as if they had been friends forever.

It was respite for me, and greatĀ for her…and I learned a thing or two about parenting , prayer and patience.

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