Canadian Reformed Congregation Votes to Remove Genevan Tunes

New-Church-Building-in-Eastern-PA.jpgShocking news sent waves throughout the federation of the Canadian Reformed Churches, as one congregation voted to remove the Genevan Psalter from use in their worship services. “The Genevan tunes were for another era,” stated Rev. Fictief Bedrieger,  “We have voted as congregation to remove them from our worship services.”

Citing the long stream of regular visitors who struggle to learn the tunes, a Canadian Reformed Church in Metro Vancouver announced today that the congregation will be selling the organ and will be removing the Genevan Psalter from the book of praise. “At least one person has walked away from this church because of the music.  And one is one too many.  It is time to act!”, stated an exuberant Bedrieger.

One congregant was noted to say, “Pastor Fictief has some really great ideas.  With the money we get from the sale of the organ, we’ll be able to pay for a drum set, a disco ball, and hire a worship leader.  We will finally get with the program. It is really exciting.”

“We are hoping to become more seeker friendly.” stated Bedrieger, “It is time we put the ‘Canadian’ back in the Canadian Reformed Churches. We’re not the Genevan Reformed Churches!  There are so many other ethnic cultures  in this city, and we need to be sensitive to them all…Indo-Canadian, Chinese, Korean… Besides, anyone who comes into this church as an adult is going to have a hard time learning those tunes. To expect that pure preaching, administration of the sacraments, and fellowship are enough to reach people and bring them in, and keep them here, is absurd!”

When asked what they would replace the Geneavan Psalter with, Bedrieger responded, “We’ll keep the Hymns and a couple of the popular Psalms, like Psalm 134, for the older generation, but we’ll be adding simpler songs that are easier to sing and understand for those new to our church. “

When asked how he would respond to any concerns raised from Classis, a denim clad Fictief Bedrieger simply smiled, pulled out a guitar and began singing a poignant version of the Hillsong praise chorus, “Draw Me Close To You.”

Classis Pacific Vancouver plans to meet on April 1st, 2016 to discuss these developments.























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