In Daddy’s Arms


Daddy show me your muscles!

I do my best superhero impression and flex my ‘massive’ arms, she pokes my muscle and giggles. Then she does her best body builder pose with both arms flexed…and growls at me.

I growl back.

She jumps on me and hangs off of my arm, trying with all her might to pull my arm down…as I lift her up to the ceiling. I toss her up in the air and flip her upside down.

Then we fall to the ground, and using her best wrestling moves, she pins me, and I am down for the count…until the last second when I manage to wiggle my way free and I scoop her up into my arms and spin her around…

She squeals with delight.

She is 6, and to her, I am the strongest person in the world.

After throwing her around for a bit, she snuggles in and hugs me and says, “I love you daddy.”

In her daddy’s arms, she feels safe.

When the neighbour’s dog growls, or a big kid is mean to her, or when she is scared of the dark, she runs to her daddy, she reaches up and I pick her up. She finds refuge in her daddy’s arms.

She does not fear my strength, she doesn’t worry about me ever causing her harm.

Daddy is her protector.

I think sometimes as we grow up, we lose that. We forget that we don’t have to rely on our own strength, that we can still run to our Father for protection. When we think of God’s power, often we think of God dashing to pieces his enemies, or his mighty power in creation. But then we read of his strong arm in texts like Psalm 89, and that reminds us that His strength is also our defense.

He is our refuge.

He loves us tenderly.

When we are scared, when the wolf growls, when bad men attack, we can run to him.

There really is no safer place than in the arms of our Father.

“You rule over the surging sea;
when its waves mount up, you still them.
You crushed Rahab like one of the slain;
with your strong arm you scattered your enemies.
The heavens are yours, and yours also the earth;
you founded the world and all that is in it.
You created the north and the south;
Tabor and Hermon sing for joy at your name.
Your arm is endowed with power;
your hand is strong, your right hand exalted.”~ Psalm 89:9-13

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