Breaking: Surrey Church Overwhelmed as Hundreds Line Up To Get In Sunday Morning


Surrey, BC, Canada.

Church caretaker John VanSpronsen arrived at the Surrey Church building at 830am on Sunday morning to open up for the worship services at 10am. To his shock and delight, he saw a line up of “thousands” people waiting to get in.

He waved to the crowd, who cheered enthusiastically at his arrival.

“I called the elders and let them know we may need an extra service or two! There must have been thousands of people there! We quickly arranged to have pastor Bill come at 9am for an early service. I thought the evangelism committee had sent out fliers or something.” shrugged VanSpronsen.

Once the doors opened, the crowd cheered, pulled out their smart phones and ran into the sanctuary all of them making a bee-line for the pulpit. To the surprise of Vanspronsen, Pastor Bill Schooner was already in the pulpit when the doors opened.

“I wondered why they all wanted a picture of pastor Bill, but then I saw the pastor himself with his phone out. He was screaming like a giddy schoolgirl, ”I got Mewtwo! I got Mewtwo!””

In a flash the sanctuary was empty, except for the elders.

The impromptu evangelistic service was cancelled as Pastor Bill ran out the back door yelling, “There’s another Pokemon over here!”

The elders are investigating the merits of Pokemon Go as an evangelistic tool.

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