My Cancer Journey: 2 Month Tests

Chemo has been done for 2 months already. Can you believe that?
Sometimes this journey feels so long, other times it feels like it is flying by.

Brunch at Ricky’s. Peach Fuzz is growing in!

Physically I feel really good, except for some side effects like the neuropathy that has been really bothering me lately, likely because it is so cold out. My hair is coming in fuzzy like a peach.  My facial hair is growing out of control. I may not have much strength, but I have regained much of my energy.

On Dec 29, we moved to smaller home.
I could not lift much, but I was able to carry some things, and it felt good to be able to do that (even if I had to swallow my pride and let others do the heavy lifting). We also received so much help with the move. It was overwhelming.

Action shot! Ping Pong at the manse. Yes, we are letting the ball go by.

Speaking of energy, I was able to play ping pong at Pastor Ben’s on New Year’s eve. It was the most active I have been in months. Now ping pong may not sound like a physically demanding sport, but by the end of the night I was so sore that I could no longer bend over to pick up the ball! I was even more sore the next day… I could hardly walk.  
And my hands hurt, the neuropathy caused a really painful sensation…  
And my arms…
And my feet…
And…it felt great ….kinda…except for the hands 🙂

Go canucks go!

The worst part of this recovery period is the waiting. Right now we feel like are in limbo.  My sickness benefits ended mid December, and I want to start working part time to help with the finances. I also want to get back to school. But we have to wait till we know the results of the chemo to see if I need more treatment. Although, being in recovery has its benefits, like being able to spend the days with Noah, and getting to go out for lunch with Teresa on her day off…


Lunch at Cactus Club courtesy of a friend who gave us a gift…I had a grilled tuna sandwich.

But the waiting is almost over.
Tomorrow, January 6, I go for the medical tests. The ones that seemed so far away when chemo finished.  On January 13, we will meet with my oncologist to find out those results, whether the Chemotherapy has had the desired effect, or if I require further treatment.
Needless to say, your prayers are coveted.

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2 Responses

  1. Kees and Ria Van Vliet says:

    Congratulations on these milestones and the progress so far. We hope and pray for good test results.

  2. Fannie Scholtens says:

    I also had neuropathy after my chemo. My feet hurt and my hands just felt like sausages and and only thing that I found was a benefit was a foot massage, (I was blessed with a friend who came about twice a week and gave me a massage) for my hands I followed a hand excerise program for carpal tunnel syndrome and it really helped.