My Cancer Journey: The Results of the Chemo


Me typing this blog post. Look at my hair coming in!

Me typing this blog post. Look at my hair coming in!

So today I had that long awaited appointment with my oncologist, Dr. Le, to find out the results of the chemotherapy.

So to recap, my initial diagnosis was a 2cm primary growth in my testicle and a 9cm secondary growth in a lymph node in my abdomen.  Through surgery the primary tumor was removed. After the surgery it was determined that the cancer I have is stage 2C Seminoma. For the secondary tumor, I received 3 cycles of BEP chemotherapy, which ended on Nov. 7.  I had to wait 2 months to find out if the chemo did its work.

“So what is the result?”

The tumor in my abdomen has shrunk from 9cm to 4cm.  That means the chemo did what it was supposed to do.  Obviously we would have liked to have heard, “all clear, the tumor is gone,”  but this is still good news. Remission means there is no evidence of disease, so this means I am in what could be called “partial remission.” Dr. Le says it is likely that what is left is just dead tissue, but it is possible that it is not gone. So I do not currently require any treatment, just monitoring. The monitoring will be blood work and cat scans every two months, to make sure there is no growth or spread over the next months and years.

“What about surgery to remove what is left?”

They don’t like to do surgery on Seminoma because it is difficult to remove,  and often all they find is necrosis (dead tissue). With Seminoma, the body will often simply remove the dead tissue over the course of a few months. Because of the risks associated with any surgery, and the likelihood of just finding dead tissue, that means no surgery.

“What happens if it grows again?”

We’ll look at treatment options if that happens.  If it is localized growth, they will do radiation. If it spreads, then it will mean more chemo.

“So what happens now?”

Life returns to normal…as normal as it can when one deals with cancer. I am treating this as if I am in full remission. I continue to recover from the chemo.  Making a slow return to working, may not be ideal for the wallet, but it is best for my body. Since my energy reserves get depleted very quickly, and with the neuropathy, I can only do light work. So, I have started my own cleaning business, and will be making a push to find clients starting next week. For now I am focusing on Home Cleaning, Janitorial Services, Carpet Cleaning and Window Cleaning. If you know any real estate agents, or property managers, or anyone who requires cleaning services in Surrey or the surrounding areas please let me know! (Shameless plug LOL)

“What about school?”

I still desire to return to school and finish my education. I want to attend seminary and enter the ministry.  However, the fact is I have not worked in almost 6 months and our savings are all but gone.  So work is a priority.  We will reassess the situation in the summer, prior to the fall semester starting.

So that is about it. It has been a long 5 month journey, and it is not quite over yet.  Thank you for reading.  Thank you for your prayers, and your support.  I love you all.

God is good.

Jesus saves.

Oh and guys….check your nuts.



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4 Responses

  1. George van Popta says:

    Great news! Thankful to the Lord with you and yours!

  2. Kees and Ria Van Vliet says:

    Very happy for you and yours to hear this good news. We hope and pray that a complete recovery may follow. With Christian love, Kees and Ria

  3. meta says:

    May the Lord continue to provide according to your needs and His will: may health and employment blessings be yours!

  4. Cornelius VanSpronsen says:

    Good news. Much to be thankful for, Ryan & Theresa! May it continue to go well and may the Lord provide and open doors for you!