My Confusing Political Convictions…

What are your political convictions?

Which side are you on? You a democrat? Republican?  Liberal? Conservative? Are you Red or Blue?


Anyone else tired of having to choose a side? Or rather, being forced into a polarization? You are not allowed to be in the middle. Doncha know?

I did vote Liberal in the recent BC election, but that makes me conservative… Don’t ask.

I consider myself to be aligned with the political right. But really there is only really one big reason for that. Life. This is a make or break political issue for me. You see, I am pro-life. Or as some lefties would call me, Anti-abortion. Abortion, and euthanasia, the Bible teaches, is the taking of a human life. Which is murder. There is not a way around this for me. Apparently, being pro-life makes me a right wing nut job with my liberal friends. So I accepted the “fact” that I was on the political right.


I am also in favour of supporting and helping  young moms (and dads) through education and providing taxpayer funded assistance for them as well. I also believe that non-abortive birth control is a good thing for family planning. So that makes me a socialist extremist to a lot of my conservative friends.  So to them I am this left wing nut job. But I also believe that sterilization is anti biblical unless there are valid medical reasons.

So if some think I am a left wing nut job, and other think I am a right wing nut job, do those balance me out to the middle?

I am happy to be a part of a country where we have heavy taxes and a socialized medical system. Perhaps it is because I have benefited personally from said medical system.  We would be $250,000 in debt with my cancer treatments in the USA! But I do believe that universal healthcare is a good thing, and that it ought to be mandatory to pay into it, either through payments or by taxes. Taxation is not theft…that makes me a socialist…right? I mean lefty…uh.

Oh man now I am left of center…

I also believe social assistance is a good thing. Gasps! But only for those who genuinely need it. Single parents. Sick, elderly, and people who can not work. But I do not believe that we should be handing out welfare checks to people who are able to work, but refuse to do so.  Work part time at McDonald’s ya lazy bum. That makes me a little more conservative right?

Wait it gets better.

My wife works.

Full time.

And I don’t “let” her, she chooses to work! And I encourage and support her in career.  That makes me a feminist, right?

I am happy to be in a country where we have parental leave…government assisted parental leave…for a whole year! I am such a Socialist Feminist!

But I also believe that the husband is the head of the home and that my wife is to submit to me as I lovingly lead her in Christ. That makes me a mysoginistic right wing religious bigot.

Ok back over center now…

I also believe we ought to be helping the refugees. The disenfranchised.  The poor and needy. The immigrant – including the Muslim immigrant.  The Bible certainly says we get to share the love of God with these people.

Uh oh…now I am sitting quite a bit left of the middle. I better say something to get back over to where my right wing friends are…

Sex is sex. Men are men, and women are women. My communications professor taught me that there are like 63 genders… Okay… so sex is not gender? Ah I see.  But a transgendered man having a baby is not really a man having baby. It is a biological woman who wants to be a man, having a baby. It is not front page news! Does anyone else think it is totally absurd that a “transgendered woman” who was born a man, and still has all the man parts down there, is allowed to compete in sports / martial arts competitions with other women?  I mean really!  I would lose most fights against most guys, but put me against women and I would probably do a little a better. That is nothing but science!!!!! And besides I only have half the man parts most of these trangendered women still have…thank you cancer! Now, can I identify as half a man? What does that get me? Ok score some points for the right.

I believe that marriage is instituted by God and is for a man and woman. Right wing…and I really don’t care what you do in the bedroom so please keep it to yourself!

I don’t understand the American Right and their obsession with the right to bear arms. I never understood it.  I don’t want bear arms, I like my human arms. Wait for it…I am quite happy not having guns in my home thank you.  That makes me a liberal?  Right? Not sure.

Ok I got it! I am a Right Wing Leftist Conservative Progressive Socialist Libertarian Religious Nut Job Complementarian Egalitarian Mysoginysitic Feminist

I could go on.  But as Johnny Cash sang, “Keep your political convictions to yourself.”

So please disregard everything I wrote here.


Enjoy the song.





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